Why Arizona Is An Underrated Vacation Destination

Though the Grand Canyon itself is certainly worth seeing, there’s so much more to explore in Arizona than meets the eye. Did you know you can actually ski in parts of the state? When considering a vacation home rental agency, you can tailor your experience to whatever indoor and outdoor activities you’re interested in, and Arizona will provide them. Not only can you be swept away by the beautiful landscape of the desert, the Grand Canyon State offers much more than just warm, dry climates. 

If you’re looking to rent a vacation home for your big trip, look no further than VacayAZ. As Arizona’s number one vacation rental management company, our professionals can  introduce you to a variety of Arizona spectacles. From the bustling nightlife of Phoenix to the enchanting red rocks of Sedona, we have everything you need to experience Arizona the right way. 

In this blog, we’re going to break down why Arizona is one of the more underrated states for your western vacation. Who knows? You might want to invest in your own rental property by the end. 

1. Mountain Living

Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, camping, rafting, or simply sightseeing, Arizona can provide you with the mountain living you’ve been told only exists in states like Montana and Colorado. 

From a mild Camelback Mountain hike just outside of Phoenix to tackling the 12,637’ Humphrey’s Peak found in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness of the Coconino National Forest  (located about 11 miles north of Flagstaff), Arizona is ripe with mountains available to hikers and explorers of all difficulty levels. According to All Trails, Humphreys Peak is the highest point in all of Arizona, and has an abundance of trails and roads that let you explore the area. 

If this draws you in, consider staying at our Verde property. Located minutes from downtown Flagstaff, this charming vacation rental home gives you the best of both worlds, and combines quaint city life with the wonders of the Great Outdoors. Feel at one with nature in this 100-year-old house, with its lava rock, old shingle roof, and wooden pillars. With the ability to accommodate up to eight guests, this location is perfect for a bachelor party, company retreat, or family outing. 

2. Biodiverse Landscapes

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona is full of a variety of different climates and landscapes. Just because you visit our warm, rugged state doesn’t mean you need to suffer over 100-degree temperatures to feel like you’re authentically enjoying Arizona. 

Consider Sedona for example. Though it’s located just 100 miles north of Phoenix, it remains, on average, 10 degrees cooler than the state’s capital during the day, and up to 25 degrees cooler at night. Spring and fall are the best times to visit Sedona as mid-70s provide ideal hiking and exploring weather conditions. Cool nights allow for fire-pit-lit evenings with hot chocolate or hot toddies. It can still get hot in the summer,, but if you don’t want to be scorching your entire vacation, Sedona is a prime place to introduce yourself to the state. 

To become one with the Martian-like landscape of Sedona, consider staying at our Red Rock Loop location. Nestled against the red chimneys, verdant plantlife, and beautiful backdrop of the mountain, this oasis can house up to 14 people, and comes with a pool, patio, and back deck perfect for a sunset cocktail. Connect with the desert in both a physical and spiritual way in Sedona.

3. The Excitement of the City

As the fifth most-populated city in America, Phoenix is the prime destination for all wonders of nightlife: Southwestern fusion cuisine, professional sports, concerts, festivals, and much more. 

Choose from numerous hikes, picturesque drives, sightseeing tours, and activities located just minutes from the city. Then catch happy hour before a Phoenix Suns game at the Footprint Center. The metro area provides countless indoor and outdoor activities to feel the pulse of the state. 

With our Camelhead location, you won’t have to choose between the city and the mountains. With close-up views of the “head” of Camelback Mountain, this resort vacation rental has spectacular views of the city as well. This Japanese-inspired home promotes feelings of zen and tranquility, and provides a relaxing oasis to return to after a busy night on Phoenix’s streets. 

There’s a pool to help you cool off from the daytime sun, and with the ability to house 16 guests, this property is fun for the whole family. To relax, leave the kids at home and enjoy your dream vacation in this luxurious paradise . 

4. A National Park-Lover's Dream

Cross three incredible national parks off your to-do list with one visit to Arizona. The Grand Canyon speaks for itself as one of the most unique, breathtaking, national parks in the country, but it’s definitely not the only one Arizona has to offer. 

Petrified Forest National Park is a spooky yet gorgeous park located in Northeast Arizona that provides incredible and colorful views of petrified trees as far as the eye can see. It’s also home to the Rainbow Forest Museum, which has paleontology exhibits and trail access points. This park is a refreshing alternative to the heat of the desert, and has scenic drives, walks and hikes, and museums to buff up on the history of the state. 

The Saguaro National Park gives you a taste of the American Southwest with numerous cacti, plantlife, and open sky to feel like a true desert dweller. The saguaro cactus is Arizona’s state symbol, so a pilgrimage to several of these cacti only seems right while  doing a visit to the state justice. Located near Tucson, this park is the perfect baptism into the southwestern culture of the state, and comes with incredible food, Mexican-inspired culture, and a unique perspective-shifter on the state as a whole. 

If you’re shooting for an extended vacation, consider one of our Scottsdale locations as your base camp. Scottsdale provides a slightly different energy than Phoenix, and acts as a relaxing starting point for your Arizona vacation, with mountain and city attractions aplenty. 


Were you surprised at all Arizona has to offer? Though states like California and Colorado tend to get the spotlight, Arizona has everything you’re looking for in your first vacation out west. If you’ve been here before, you’re no stranger to how enchanting the perfect mix of outdoor and modern living options are statewide. 

With a generous selection of mountain living features, nonstop city nightlife and attractions, three gorgeous national parks, and biodiverse landscapes for all your outdoor adventures, a vacation rental property in Arizona could be your best investment yet. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a vacation rental property full-time, dip your toes into the magic of the Grand Canyon State by paying us a visit at any of our luxury paradise homes. 

Contact us at VacayAZ today to set up your first stay, or come back again and experience the wonders of Arizona in style.