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Full-service property management and sales


well-vetted guests

Over 75,000 well-vetted guests have stayed with us. We screen guests before approving their booking in your home. Respect and care for your property is of utmost importance to us.

identify the right property

Your team of experts, from market identification to brokering the sale.

market identification

Consult a team of short-term vacation rental experts and identify the right property for your budget, location, and investment goals.

Financial pro forma

Once we help you identify prospective properties on the market, or even one already in your portfolio, we create a financial pro forma of its short-term rental performance utilizing industry trends and VacayAZ averages.

property selection consulting

As your vacation rental industry partners and real estate brokers, we help you make your investment decision. Selecting the right property is a crucial step in ensuring your success in the industry.

broker the sale

Once a property is selected, the same team of experts can execute and broker the sale of your short-term rental property. Continuing the same attention to detail and strategic thinking, we help you navigate your real estate transaction to set you up for future success.

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Interior Design


Fully Stocked Homes

Property Photography

First-Guest-Ready Checklist

Your Investment.
Our Priority.

Our approach is simple: Create super clean, well­ operating homes with top-tier amenities. We have a dedicated maintenance crew and property care team that prioritizes the health of your property and your business.

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As your partner, our main goal is to grow your luxury vacation home rental revenue and build your vacation home reputation. With exclusive access as one of our Best 75 homes, you will see results that outperform competition quarter after quarter. Enjoy pressing the easy button as full-service management takes care of all the day-to-day guest services, including maintenance, cleaning, and design. Set yourself up for success without added stress.


In Assets Under Management


More Occupancy


More Avg. Page Views


Higher Avg. Nightly Rate

2021 Avg. Performance vs. Similar Listings


Utilizing the latest technology available and spearheading real estate market trends, we operate all properties with maximum efficiency and create more profit for you.

Noise Meters

Keeping a remote ear on your property with decibel monitors that notify us when things get noisy.

Digital Locks & Security

Smart locks and security keep your property safe and vetted for guest-friendly service.

Dynamic Pricing  Software

Maximizing returns with data-driven dynamic pricing to increase revenue.

Climate Control Software

Controlling energy costs and ensuring comfortable stays.

Property Surveillance

Overwatch of your property perimeters and quick responses if ever needed.

Dominating Multiple markets

We specialize in finding a market that not only fits your investment goals but also aligns with your lifestyle. With investment properties in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Sedona, and Flagstaff, you can see dominating results no matter your property's location.

Property Management FAQs

What makes VacayAZ different from other management companies?

VacayAZ stands out from other vacation rental management companies in several key ways:

1) The company is owned and operated by Patrick, Zach, and Jack, who share a unique passion for success and a commitment to providing exceptional service to both their clients and guests. Owners have direct access to all three of us at any time.

2) VacayAZ is the only local firm that focuses exclusively on luxury homes catering to affluent travelers. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and attention to detail.

3) We intentionally focus on providing guests with experiences that they desire. We work closely with our guests to understand their needs and preferences and tailor their services to meet those needs.

4) VacayAZ treats all homes with care, ensuring that they maintain their pristine condition even after years of hosting guests.

By choosing VacayAZ, you are choosing a company that is dedicated to providing a luxury experience for both guests and owners. Their unique approach sets them apart from other vacation rental management companies and makes them the best choice for those seeking a truly exceptional vacation experience.

What does communication look like when working with VacayAZ?

At VacayAZ, we stand out by doing things differently. Unlike other companies where account managers often change, our owners directly communicate with department heads. This ensures a straightforward and direct line of communication for any questions or updates.

How do you ensure the guest has a great experience?

We focus on unreasonable hospitality in many ways. Before our guests arrive, we conduct thorough quality control for each property using our meticulously crafted 20-point checklist. Additionally, multiple team members inspect the property to ensure the highest standards are met. We also provide unique experiences to enhance our guests' stay, such as private chef dinners, in-house massage treatments, customized grocery stocking, and personalized guest itineraries tailored to their preferences. These special touches create unforgettable memories for our guests.

What do maintenance costs look like?

We approach your property and finances with the same care as if they were our own. Our focus is on making recommendations and implementing enhancements that genuinely improve the property's performance. Arben and Dan are our dedicated full-time maintenance employees, each with a specialized focus on keeping the home in excellent working condition. Arben is primarily responsible for preventive maintenance tasks, such as replacing air filters, ensuring safety, and addressing other essential items. Dan, on the other hand, handles intricate repair work, including minor electrical and plumbing tasks, emergency repairs, and a wide range of other important maintenance duties. Together, they ensure the home remains in optimal working order. Additionally, we have established long-term partnerships with various specialized vendors, including expert plumbers, roofers, HVAC technicians, window cleaners, and a diverse array of other professionals. These connections ensure that our home receives top-notch services and maintains its exceptional condition.

Who is responsible for stocking the home with supplies?

We do. Our comprehensive inventory control inspections, conducted three times a year, ensure that the home is always well-stocked and ready for a delightful guest experience. This meticulous approach significantly boosts the likelihood of receiving 5-star reviews and guarantees a seamless, enjoyable stay for all our guests.

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