5 Arizona Vacation Rentals To Escape the Winter Cold

The state of Arizona can be the perfect refuge for avoiding the brutal cold of winter. The days get shorter, freezing rain and snow become more frequent, and getting up extra early in the morning to defrost your car can get old, fast. Luckily, the warmth of the desert is just a state or two away. And with it, much more favorable weather. 

While areas like Flagstaff actually get very cold in the winter—and record significant amounts of snowfall throughout parts of the year—other parts of Arizona, like Phoenix, have home rental properties that are comfortable year-round for warm weather lovers. 

VacayAZ is one of the best vacation rental and property management companies in Arizona, offering a range of luxurious vacation homes for large groups, families, couples, or solo travelers. Our properties come with exclusive amenities, unique guest services, stunning views, and more. 

The warmth in certain areas of the state allows us to offer spacious pools, hot tubs, putting greens, and other fun outdoor amenities year-round. We also offer catering, in-home massages, and even private jet rentals to make sure your escape from the cold is an amazing, unforgettable experience. 

In this blog, we’re going to highlight five vacation rentals perfect for dodging chilly temperatures. Keep reading to see why Arizona is the ultimate refuge for those not ready to let go of summer. First, let’s break down what areas of Arizona stay warm throughout the winter months. 

Is Arizona Always Warm, Even In Winter?

It’s a misconception that Arizona is always sunny and warm. There are cities and parts of the state that are notorious for large amounts of snowfall, below freezing temperatures, and certainly are not warm all the time, especially throughout the winter months. Then there are other areas that never feel the harsh elements that come with winter in nearby states. 

The cities below highlight just how diverse the climate in Arizona can be. 

  • Flagstaff is famous for its skiing and four seasons, and is known for its average cooler temperatures compared to an area like Phoenix. Snow generally arrives in November and can stay on the peaks of the mountains until mid summer. Winter months are very brisk, with temperatures averaging between 38 and 40 degrees. This winter weather is not to be taken lightly, so Flagstaff might not be the go-to destination to escape the winter of your own hometown. 
  • Phoenix, on the other hand, has much warmer and more mild winters. On average, the temperatures hover in the 60s and 70s throughout the day, with lows only as low as the mid-40s. Compared to the below-freezing temperatures of many surrounding states, 40s are a breeze for those familiar with a brutal winter. The locals may bundle up with winter coats and toboggans, but you can laugh knowing it’s snowing several inches back home. Meanwhile, you can convince yourself it’s springtime. 
  • Sedona, despite its beautiful snow dustings during the winter months, has an average daytime temperature of 62 degrees in the winter. The nights average around 33 degrees, which is still above freezing, compared to Flagstaff just 45 minutes away. Because Sedona sits at a mild 4,500 feet (compared to Flagstaff at 7,000 feet), its winters are milder as well, making it a prime location to hang onto the feeling of fall without the brutality of winter. 

Arizona Winters Compared to Other Western States 

Arizona can be a warm oasis for neighboring states dealing with brutal winters. Parts of the state can even be a relief for those who live in wintery parts of Arizona. Still want to golf in December? No problem. Need some extra sunshine due to shorter days and dreary clouds? Arizona has more than enough. 

Below is a breakdown of how Arizona compares to some of its nearby western states, particularly in winter: 


Arizona has an average temperature of 61.1 degrees, according to World Population Review, making it a top 10 state in terms of consistent overall warmth. Unlike other states in the west that are largely affected by the winter cold, Arizona is a place where you have to look for winter weather in certain areas of the state. By and large, it’s very mild and provides an enjoyable winter. 


Colorado has an average temperature of 46.3 degrees, one of the top 25 percent in terms of consistently lower temperatures. The Rocky Mountains bring harsh winds, snow storms, ice and freezing rain to many parts of the state, making for brutal winters for much of the state annually. 


Utah has an average temperature of 49.3 degrees. The winter months of December through February bring many short, freezing days with large amounts of snowfall, making winters in Utah pretty frigid. 

New Mexico 

While New Mexico is milder than Utah and Colorado, minimum temperatures below freezing are common in all sections of the state during the winter. The average temperature in the state is 54.5 degrees. So while it’s still a favorable option for winter avoiders compared to some northern states, it’s still not as consistently warm as Arizona. 

Because of the diversity in climate across all of these western states listed above, areas of the states will fluctuate in temperature, snowfall, and winter experience. But in terms of consistent warmth on a daily basis throughout the winter, it doesn’t get much milder than Arizona. 

5 Arizona Vacation Rentals To Escape the Winter Cold 

Our professionals at VacayAZ have a long list of different vacation rental homes across Arizona, and many are perfect for maintaining a warm winter season. 

You don’t need to let the seasons stop you from doing the things you enjoy. With mild temperatures in the winter months, our vacation rentals are perfect for spending the colder months in perfect comfort and luxury. 

1. Camelhead - Phoenix

This beautiful mountainside home provides exquisite views of downtown Phoenix from a comfortable 5,000 square-foot oasis at the head of Camelback Mountain. It comes with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool, and can hold up to 16 guests. This Japanese-inspired property is full of zen and tranquility, offering the perfect getaway for the whole family or a group of friends who want to celebrate the holidays in a fun, new way.

2. Mingus Mountain - Sedona

Take in the picturesque views of Sedona in this comfortable, cabin-like property nestled in the mountains. Though you likely won’t experience brutal winter weather conditions, there is a fireplace to warm you up when the night gets chilly. This 4,000 square-foot luxury home comes with a hot tub, a large deck, a natural gas fire pit, and can house up to 11 guests. Enjoy the unique views of beautiful white snow complimenting the famous red rocks of Sedona.

3. Las Rocas - Phoenix

Situated at the base of some of the best hiking trails on Squaw Peak, this 2,500 square-foot home comes with a beautiful backyard, pool, patio area, fire pit, and cornhole area. Enjoy the perfect temperatures of Phoenix in the winter by lounging outside or going on an afternoon hike right outside your backyard.

4. Mountain View - Scottsdale

Phoenix’s northeastern neighbor, Scottsdale, has just as beautiful winters as Phoenix, with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees during the days. Enjoy those days in this massive, 8,400 square-foot mountainside palace. Not only does it come with a stellar view, it holds up to 16 guests and comes with a pool, game room, and rooftop deck.

5. Overlook - Scottsdale

As its name suggests, the Overlook property provides some of the best views you can find in the state. This 5,000 square-foot estate comes with a pool, a hot tub, a fire pit, and a patio. Enjoy the cactus silhouettes on a blood orange sunset in luxury while you soak up the mid-60s temperatures in the winter months. 

Final Word   

You don’t have to freeze when winter comes calling. Our vacation rental properties provide a mild and pleasant winter for patrons who want to escape the snow and bitter temperatures. Spend your holidays in warm luxury, and send a fun postcard to your relatives back home. 

We offer a wide range of stellar vacation home rentals for large groups, families, couples, and solo travelers. Our luxury rental properties come with exclusive amenities, unique guest services, stunning views, and much more, including catering options, in-home massages, and even private jet rentals for that extra unforgettable memory. 

Contact us today to plan your dream desert vacation this winter. Our professionals will pair you with the perfect luxury home to spend the holidays in, enjoy a vacation, or simply avoid the winter cold. Give us a call at (480) 590-1655 or visit our website to book your vacation today.