How to Become an Air BnB Superhost with Vacation Rental Management

Recent estimates indicate that there are about 150 million Air BnB users in the world. In fact, on any given night, about 2 million people will make the decision to stay at an Air BnB. These figures have been steadily on the rise and can be expected to increase into the foreseeable future.
While the demand for Air BnB and other vacation rental properties is well-documented, the industry itself is still incredibly competitive. If you want a potential guest to choose your property, rather than one of the many alternatives in your area, you will need to take active measures to distinguish whatever property you are currently offering. One of the best ways to do this is to become an Air BnB superhost.
In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions people have about becoming an Air BnB superhost. We will also discuss the importance of hiring a property management firm and how these firms can help your property maximize its total value.

What is an Air BnB Superhost?

According to Air Bnb’s website, “Superhosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts, and extraordinary experiences for their guests.” Superhost status (represented by a badge directly in the listing) is achieved once a property owner has met a specific set of criteria.

In order to qualify as an Air BnB superhost, you will need to host a minimum of ten different stays (of any length) per year. You will also need to be able to quickly respond to your guests and maintain a response rate of at least 90 percent. Furthermore, at least 80 percent of your reviews will need to be 5 stars (or an average rating of 4.8 stars). Lastly, with only a few exceptions, you need to honor confirmed reservations (meaning you don’t cancel reservations once confirmed). Only a small portion of Air BnB property owners will qualify as superhosts, but once this status is achieved, you’ll discover there are many benefits.

What are the benefits of becoming an Air BnB Superhost?

Because Air BnB wants their hosts to communicate effectively, offer desirable spaces, and maintain a guest-oriented approach to property management, the company offers several benefits to achieving superhost status. When superhosts refer new hosts to Air BnB, they will receive a 20 percent larger bonus—if you are an active Air BnB or vacation property management recruiter, this can really begin to pay off over time.

Furthermore, Air BnB superhosts will have significantly more visibility on both the company’s app and their website. When people search “Stays in Scottsdale”, for example, usually the first listings will be superhosts. Superhosts are also distinguished on Air BnB’s map search option, meaning that your property is more likely to be seen regardless of the potential client’s approach to research.

Additionally, Air BnB superhosts are likely to earn significantly more money. While the exact financial benefits you earn will depend on many different things—such as where your property is located and the type of property you own—some Air BnB superhost can expect to earn double (or even more) what their competitors earn. This is because not only is property much more likely to be seen, but your property is also much more likely to be the one that potential guests end up selecting.

How can I become an Air BnB Superhost?

Becoming an Air BnB superhost often requires a bit of hard work, but it is something that seemingly any vacation property owner can potentially do. Knowing the criteria to become an Air BnB superhost (mentioned above), the first thing you will need to do is make sure you use a strategy that puts your guest first.

In order to make sure your guest are completely satisfied with their stay, you should do things such as to invest in additional amenities (such as Wi-Fi, coffee, and basic essentials), thoroughly clean the property between every stay, and provide everything you would want if you were staying in a home.

You will also want to avoid canceling any booked reservations and continue communicating with your guests as quickly as possible. Some Air BnB owners are able to do this entirely on their own. However, in order to avoid the stress of keeping up with all these details, you will likely be much better off hiring a property management company.

What are the benefits of hiring a property management company?

There are many benefits of hiring a vacation property management company, whether your property is located in Scottsdale, Arizona or anywhere else in the world. Companies like VacayAZ, who proudly proclaim “It’s all about the guests” offer services such as cleaning, marketing, guest communications, and many others.

Essentially, everything that needs to be done at your property can be handled by a property management company. In addition to listing, managing, and marketing your property on Air BnB, these companies may use other outlets as well. This will ensure that your property is consistently being rented, earning strong reviews, and maximizing the amount you are earning on your initial investment.

Things to Look for When Comparing Property Management Companies

When choosing a property management company, you should choose a company that is located in and familiar with your specific area. Choosing a local company will make it much more likely that your property complies with all local laws and that your guests’ requests can be responded to as needed.

Qualities to look for in a vacation property management firm include clear communications, reasonable pricing structures, and a willingness to offer a very diverse array of services. The more this company can do to ensure your property is clean, visible, and ready to be rented, the more likely you will be able to achieve your goals as a property owner. Ultimately, the cost of hiring a vacation property management company will be easily returned in a short amount of time.

Conclusion - Becoming an Air BnB Superhost with Vacation Rental Management

Becoming an Air BnB superhost will help your property rise above its competitors and begin earning additional money. In order to become a superhost, you will need to maintain high ratings and communicate effectively. While there are many ways to improve the guest experience and achieve this status, the best way to do this is by hiring a property management company.