Reasons to Stay at a Vacation Rental Property in Arizona

Staying at an Arizona vacation rental property can combine the privacy of your own home with the catering and amenities offered by a hotel. Unsurprisingly, the demand for vacation rental properties—even in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak—has been steadily increasing year over year.

In fact, according to recent estimates, Airbnb “has more total listings worldwide than the top five hotel brands combined.” Airbnb is an innovative platform that not only helps guests easily find places to stay but also helps vacation rental property managers maintain their broader portfolio. Other innovative platforms, such as VBRO, Domio, and others, have also enjoyed significant growth.

If you are currently considering a stay at a vacation rental property, you are certainly not alone. However, where the real challenge begins is deciding where you want to go. Currently, there are about 7 million properties featured on Airbnb, meaning that you are certainly not without options.

One of the best places to rent a vacation property—whether for a few days or an extended period of time—is the beautiful southwestern State of Arizona. In this article, we will discuss a few of the reasons Arizona has attracted many tourists’ attention, particularly among vacation rental properties.

1. Easily Accessible

One of the reasons Arizona has become very popular is that the state itself is very accessible. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a hub for American Airlines and a base for Southwest Airlines, making it very easy to access from the United States and Mexico.

Additionally, the Greater Phoenix Area (including key cities like Scottsdale) is less than a six-hour drive from both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. As anyone who has ever experienced either of these drives would tell you, not only are these drives relatively short—they are also incredibly beautiful.

2. Natural Beauty

Arizona is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most iconic natural attractions on Earth, attracting visitors from across the State and elsewhere around the world. However, the Grand Canyon is just one of many points of natural interest throughout the entire state.

The National Park Services (NPS) dozens of national monuments, recreation areas, and other parks throughout the state. Arizona’s unique geological history and climate have created natural sites that cannot be found anywhere else. There are also many beautiful Native American sites, worthy of respect and admiration.


3. Excellent Climate

One of the reasons Arizona enjoys about 47 million tourists per year, is the state’s excellent climate. While the heat of Arizona summers can be a deterrent from some, Arizona’s desert climate ensures the state stays somewhat warm while much of the rest of the country experiences snow and cold.

The state is notorious for attracting “snowbirds” each winter. For example, Scottsdale, Arizona, enjoys an average high temperature of 66 degrees (Fahrenheit) in January. The lack of precipitation also helps create more than 300 days per year perfect for hiking, biking, playing golf, and swimming.


4. Quality Vacation Property Management Companies

Arizona has several vacation rental property management companies featured on AirDNA’s annual “Best Of” list. One of these companies, VacayAZ, is described as “A vacation rental and management company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. They take a seamless, friendly, professional approach to vacation rental management and service tons of homes in the Arizona area.”

By choosing to stay at a property managed by a highly-rated team, you can be sure you are getting the best vacation experience possible. Furthermore, teams that have an Airbnb Superhost rating have satisfied the company’s rigid criteria for hosting.


5. Family Appeal

Arizona has plenty of attractions that can appeal to families of all kinds. The state’s excellent weather and extensive outdoor spaces make it the perfect place for swimming, golfing, hiking, and countless outdoor sports.

Most vacation rental properties will offer a guide featuring local attractions. The state’s eclectic food options, its many parks, and its rapidly growing list of family-friendly destinations increase its overall appeal.


6. Competitive Pricing

Despite the state’s many luxurious and relatively pricey neighborhoods, many parts of Arizona are remarkably affordable. In fact, according to some recent estimates, the state is actually cheaper than most of the country (with a cost-of-living index of about 97). The state is the 27th most expensive state, placing it just below the national average.

Arizona is also notably more affordable than many of its neighbors, including California, Utah, Utah, and Colorado (only New Mexico is more affordable). The state provides vacation rental opportunities across the price spectrum, making it easy for families to find a property that fits within their budget.


7. World Class Golfing

The warm, dry climate found throughout much of Arizona makes it the perfect place for golfing enthusiasts to enjoy their vacation. Additionally, the often dramatic juxtaposition between pristine fairways and dry desert landscapes helps create some of the most beautiful opportunities for playing golf in the world.

Currently, there are about 300 golf courses in the State of Arizona. Many of these courses can be found near Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and other more densely populated areas. According to Arizona Golfer, “Arizona’s golf courses are as diverse and spectacular as its landscape… Arizona possesses an obscene number of courses to challenge your skills and provide you with some unbeatable vacation leisure.”


8. Thousands of Vacation Rental Selections

Lastly, what has been drawing people to Arizona more than anything else has been the many vacation rental properties that are currently available. There are approximately 27,000 vacation rental properties within the state, of which a little more than 10,000 are house rental properties.

The property that’s right for you will depend on what you want to do, your budget, and where you want to be. Many properties offer luxury features including a pool and even concierge service. Regardless, having many options available is undoubtedly a great thing.



There are countless places in the United States that are worthy of exploring. However, for these reasons, Arizona has become an increasingly attractive vacation option. If you are looking for a place to get away, look towards the Great Southwest.

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