Coronavirus Announcement
Last Updated: March 19, 2020


We realize you may have been trying to get ahold of us, for that we apologize as we have been receiving a high number of calls and messages.  We are very behind in responding to everyone so please be patient with us - we promise we will get back to you.  We know you have questions regarding our cancellation policy around the Coronavirus and we have recently updated that policy as follows:

We are offering two options for cancellations. For reservations that take place within the months of March and April, guests can (1) cancel for an 85% refund of all monies paid.  The 15% kept by VacayAZ is to cover the processing fee, applicable taxes and credit card processing fees that we are liable for from the original processing of the reservation.

The second option (2) is to reschedule your stay for dates in the future at no charge for rescheduling. If your reservation is beyond April, we suggest you wait to cancel until more information is known about the Coronavirus in the coming weeks.

Please respond via email with the subject line: CANCELLATION REQUEST and let us know which above cancellation option you prefer and we will process that within 72 hours.  If you choose the 2nd option and know the dates you wish to re-book please indicate that in the email.
Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.